Now offering OPEN ENROLLLMENT! Once you've registered and paid for training, you'll have instant access to the following curriculum to study at your own pace:

Lesson 1 - Travel Industry Basics
•career overview/job description
•earning potential
•types of travel planning

Lesson 2 - A Day in the Life
•getting clients
•creating packages
•putting together quotes
•customer service

Lesson 3 - Group Travel Basics
•Domestic Bookings
•International Bookings
•Managing payments
•Supplier Recommendations

Lesson 4 - Planning Cruises
•Cruise basics 
•Creating bookings
•Changes in cruise policies

Lesson 5 - Building Your Travel Business
•Next steps after training
•Agent tools
•Getting your professional email address
•Payment processors
•Website basics

Lesson 6 - Protecting Your Travel Business
•Client contracts
•Insurance policies
•Continuing education opportunities

Lesson 7 - Booking Demonstration / Screen Share
•Researching destinations
•Putting together client quotes
•Popular suppliers based on destinations

Lesson 8 - Mastering Marketing
•Social Media Marketing
•Content Marketing
•Email Marketing


Your training fee includes:

•On-Demand access to the Black Travel Academy Training

•Activities & Homework - No pressure, these are done on your own schedule and at your own pace.

•Live Q&A sessions - You have access to live sessions every single month foreverrrrr.

•Interactive Booking Demo - This gives you the chance to see the step-by-step process of researching and quote building.

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